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Powersports Industry Research and Consulting

RPM Research provides strategic research and consulting to Powersports OEMs and aftermarket clients. We evaluate marketplace trends and current technology. We keep a pulse on new products, and we help clients discover opportunities within the industry to grow their business.

A company is as good as its team. This is why we invest in getting the most insightful, collaborative and trusted Powersports consultants on board. Together, we work with our clients on quantitative and qualitative research that will have a direct impact on your business.

We’re Good At…

  • Product Technology Trend Assessment:

    • Evaluating latest Powersports technology trends.
    • Studying demands of the manufacturing industry.
    • Predicting and assessing future trends.

  • Competitive Analysis:

    • Providing unbiased assessments of competitors’ products.
    • Collecting data to understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in the retail environment.

  • Component Sourcing Assistance:

    • Gather information for clients about potential sourcing partners for key components.
    • Guiding clients with component selection.

RPM Research

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Recent projects have involved Lithium battery sourcing for E-bikes and aftermarket sourcing for off-road vehicle accessories. At RPM Research, we have the flexibility to work on a defined-project basis or engage in long-term relationship to provide critical market data on an ongoing basis.

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